About my painting

My practice is influenced by an interest in human physicality and the means by which we organize our visual experiences. In my work I try to make connections between my understanding of space as a dancer and my visual appreciation of colour and light.

I have recently returned to making paintings after a long interval. I enjoy the comparative freedom that painting offers in preference to more process driven mediums. Working with such a mobile material is a great way for me to experiment with the visual and physical experience of scale through colour and space.

With recent experiments I have tried to depict variations in space and scale as unstable properties by creating ambiguities in both. I want to see how images can work on any scale by experimenting with colour, using compositions and shapes of colour that I see in these different spaces or experience at first hand. My aim is to show the immediacy of that experience.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work.
Diana Pilcher B.A. Fine Art Painting


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